Streamzzz cleaner


published Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's stream in peace! Add this bookmarlet to your bookmark and use on to watch without distraction.

Watch 3D Half/Full SBS MKV files in 2D with VLC 2.0.5


published Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Just got a movie in 3D Half/Full SBS MKV and trying to play it with VLC 2.0.5 just show up the 2 images side by side. One solution is to watch it as regular 2D movie by using the script below:

# VLC 3D, version 0.2, 2013-04-03 by Sébastien Grosjean
# Allow to watch 3D Half/Full SBS MKV files in 2D with VLC 2.0.5
if [ -n "$1" ]
  /Applications/ --video-splitter=wall --wall-cols=2 --wall-rows=1 --wall-element-aspect=16:10 --wall-active=0,1 --monitor-par=1:2 "$1"
    echo "Usage: Pass the 3D SBS mkv file as an option."
  echo "For subtitles, use :"
  echo "- right align (VLC > Preferences > Subtitles & OSD > Show All > Input / Codecs > Subtitles codecs > Subtitles > Subtitle justification > Right)"
  echo "- and smaller font (VLC > Preferences > Subtitles & OSD > Display Settings > Font Size > Smaller)"

Notice the work around for subtitles, making them smaller and right aligned.

Far Future Expiration Header for nginx


published Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rails 3.1+ and the Asset Pipeline is excellent to minify, merge, and deliver assets, however it's good to also leverage browser caching.

Using nginx, you can set a far future expiration header like this:

server {
  location ~ ^/(assets)/ {
    expires max;

PNG Optimization and PNG to favicon on OSX Mountain Lion


published Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PNG Optimization

It's always good to save a few bits when you deliver images on the web, a lot of information can be stripped out of an image without quality loss. To do so on OS X, currently Mountain Lion, I like 2 options:

Batch Convertion

Using ImageOptim

Command line

Using pngcrush

brew update
brew install pngcrush
pngcrush -rem allb -brute -reduce favicon-32x32.png favicon-32x32-crushed.png

PNG convertion to ICO


brew update
brew install png2ico


png2ico --colors 16 favicon.ico favicon-32x32-crushed.png