Install PEAR, PECL and pecl_http on OSX Lion

published Friday, February 03, 2012

More like a quick memo, here's the steps I had to follow to install PEAR, PECL and pecl_http on OSX Lion.

Install PEAR and PECL

sudo php /usr/lib/php/install-pear-nozlib.phar
pear config-set php_ini /private/etc/php.ini
pecl config-set php_ini /private/etc/php.ini
sudo pear upgrade-all

Load the extensions

Then open `/etc/php.ini` and uncomment `extension=php_curl.dll` also add `` as you are at it.

Install pecl_http

sudo pecl install pecl_http

Just press "Enter" at the request questions to accept the default values.

Restart Apache

sudo apachectl restart